Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Starck Club Revisited

Music from THE eighties upscale nightclub in Dallas, Texas. Ecstacy was legal and the STARCK CLUB was all the rage. Designed by Philippe Starck, owned by a group of investors led by Blake Woodall. (Stevie Nicks was an investor. She performed opening night, as did Grace Jones.) In 1985 the STARCK became notorious for Ecstasy use. Main DJ's included Rick Squillante and Mike DuPriest (both R.I.P.). Here is a tiny part of the soundtrack, the music that helped fuel the unforgettable experiences had at the STARCK club. The music and memories allow the STARCK legacy to live on forever... New episodes of STARCK revisited coming soon! djronniebruno@gmail.com

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